Monday, 31 October 2011

Quick Mock Ups

I've printed out a few variations of my labels to see what shapes/sizes will work best on the bottles:

(apologies for really bad mock ups, the printing isn't very clear and the photos are awful)

 I think the shorter sized label looks a bit odd just place in the middle of the bottle 

 Longer length label works better but I still don't think it fits quite right

Rounded edges to fit the shape of the bottle - I think this works a lot better however I'd like the length of the label to fit right to the bottom

(need to look into stock next - I'm thinking clear plastic type labels as this will be appropriate for beauty products - stored in bathrooms, would get wet + possible leakage of products)

Body Lotion Label Ideas

I'm torn between the last two ideas. I like the text featuring at the bottom as I think it looks more clean, however i'm not sure if I prefer having the band of colour underneath the text (this could be in a variety of colours for each different product) or if I prefer the last image which looks more simplistic.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Change Of Plan

As well as focusing on my dissertation this week I had also planned to either finish one brief in full or have my first two both nearly complete. I am currently waiting for YCN and D&AD to release their briefs in which one of those will be my 4th brief but I also really needed to have my third brief started. 
Initially my third brief was going to be my typeface design brief however i've had seconds thoughts about this. The main reason I wanted to do this brief was so I could design a typeface in order to add an extra element to my portfolio, but thinking about it now, I'm more interested in applying type and working with layout rather than actually creating the type itself. It seems a bit too technical and not very exciting in my opinion which is why I think I have put off starting it so far. Doing a brief purely for the reason of having something extra in my portfolio is not really a good enough reason and I really don't think i'm going to enjoy it which I why I have decided to scrap that brief for the time being. I will chose one of my other initial 10 briefs which I picked out over summer to take place of this brief (will post more about this when I have decided which one...I have been talking to Ellis about possibly doing a collaboration on one of my 10 briefs so this could be a possibility). 
I may attempt the type brief another time if I get a spare moment but trying to complete it for this module, I dont think will work out.

Quick Mock Ups

Quick mock up of one of the designs from the previous post to see how it would look when the net was made up. It was only printed out quickly on A4 the actual size will be a lot larger. Labels are Photoshoped on so I can test some more designs on these photos.


A few quick ideas to how the front of my packaging could look. Obviously there will be a lot more information added such as cooking instructions, nutritional  information etc but for now I just want to see how a simple layout could work on the front.

The idea of this is that labels could be printed separately and stuck onto the main packaging for different meals in the chop chop range.

I quite like the idea of keeping the front quite clean and simplistic the all the other information would be added to the back or on the inside, depending on the importance of it.

At the moment I cant really tell how these layout are working so i'm going to print out a quick sample and create ideas onto the mock ups.

Texture Photos

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Body Parts Idea

Image could relate to the product. Eg hair with snowflakes for the hair product:

Lips with snow for the lip balm:

 Skin for the body lotion:

I think this is working really well as it's not something the Body Shop have done before however the use of photography still fits in with the Body Shop style meaning it would still be recognisable to their brand.

(add stock image links)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Chosen Net

I have chosen this to be the net I will use for my outer packaging of the oriental meal pack. I've had the idea that when it is opened and the rounded sections are laid out flat, it gave me the thought that this could work as place mats which really puts a focus on the sharing element of the meal being for two people. Also, from some research I have done I have discovered that chinese typically eat at a square or rounded table so this would be a great shape to tie in with the oriental theme. The middle sections would stay closed up and the food would be placed in here.

Packaging Nets - Mock Ups

add photos


Gone back to primary school and made some snowflakes!....however on a serious note, I will be vectorising these to try out ideas for possible imagery for my packaging:

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

More Ideas

Using a water textured background to highlight the fact the products 'hydrate' the skin. I wanted to try and make it appear as if the bottles looked wet/had condensation however it would actually be printed to the labels.


The bottles I ordered have arrived now so i will be able to print these out and see if the water effect works when they are stuck on.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Ideas

I do really like these designs and I think they would fit really well in The Body Shop however I feel like it's a bit too similar to what they already do.

Label Ideas

I've started creating a few ideas for a possible label for the lid of my hair butter product:

Quick mock up:

I have decided that my products will be packaged with labels only and no outer box packaging. The reason for this is because part of the brief is to consider The Body Shops core brand values, one being to 'protect the planet'. So if I can create effective enough designs for labels, there really is no need to be producing extra packaging and wasting more paper.