Thursday, 29 September 2011

Brief 1 - Oriental Meal Pack

This is the first brief I will be taking on:

Brief Title:
Oriental Meal Pack for Two

The Brief:
Design a new concept for retail packaging for the 'oriental takeaway meal for two'. The pack itself must be functional, using shape and form effectively to contain the contents securely.

Takeaways have always been a popular choice for the consumer when requiring an easy alternative to preparing and cooking a traditional meal or having a treat at the weekend. 

There are many different oriental food outlets on the high street and large retail supermarkets are also developing their own brand of easy take home meals to capture an ever increasing target market. Current packaging for these food items tend to be standard size food trays and sleeves within an outer bag or carry unit.


Target Audience:

Males and females 18-40 (need to be more precise)

Tone of Voice:

Consider how the pack would be displayed within the retail outlet whether in a chilled or shelf environment.
How convenient it is for the customer to handle at the purchase stage, access the contents at home, serve easily and dispose of the empty pack.
Shape and form.
Additional elements eg carry handle, way of serving the food, eating utensils.

Mandatory Requirements:
- Produce a pack which contains the food products but also allows the option of separating/presenting the items within the pack in a new way.
- Reflect a new an innovative approach to packaging for the oriental takeaway market in the shaping of the pack, presentation, graphics and branding.
Reflect the oriental cultural qualities of the food and the country of origin.


I want to start with a packaging design brief, one reason because this is my main comfort zone so I should find it easy to get started with, and secondly because packaging design is my biggest interest and I want to take this year to really focus on it properly.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

D&AD Poster Submission

Submission email evidence:

Final Poster - Edited

In the crit evryone liked my idea and said I had made a good attempt at it but there were a few changes that could be made:
- The type hierarchy - needed to have more focus on GBH as the first thing you looked at was D&AD Lecture and the date.
- The logo isn't necessary but would probably work better if it was added
- The fonts clash a bit...would be better all in sans serif
- Fred also mentioned someones poster had too much focus on it being Leeds so I thought it would be best to change my map image to the whole of the North area and now the arrow points to where Leeds is located within this:

I definitely think the hierarchy works much better now and also I think the logo really finishes it off and makes it look that bit more professional.

Monday, 26 September 2011

D&AD Poster Initial Ideas

My first thoughts on this are that I want to make it quite typographical and also I want to focus on using the D&AD identity to make it more recognisable to its audience. This will either be by incorporating the logo or using D&AD's yellow in the colour scheme.