Friday, 2 December 2011

Tutorial with Lorenzo

I spoke to Lorenzo yesterday, mainly about getting my fourth brief done but also about how I could finish up my Chop Chop brief. As I have now expanded the brand into three ranges based on food type (chinese, japanese and thai) I planned to produce one main packaged meal for each and one other product such as jar of sauce etc which would be in each range. However Lorenzo suggested I should focus on one of the ranges to completely produce, then mock up the rest other ranges. This way, if one range is completed, it gives a better sense of how the brand and other products would work.

The main range I will focus on is the Chinese range as I have been working on this from the beginning and I feel it is already more complete. I will produce 3 extra products: prawn crackers (as previously stated), a jar of sauce and a pack of noodles. 

For the other two ranges I will still produce the main meal packs I have made and just mock up other products which would feature in the range. 

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